Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday, 05.04.14 - Fight for Your Right to #Vape - Weekend Action Plan

Help #CASAA, #SFATA, & #AVA Help You Keep SmokeFree Alternatives Available.  Spread the word and Donate.
#CASAA Call to Action! FOUR New York State Bills Threaten Access and Use by Adult Consumers - CONSOLIDATED Call to Action:

There is a Rally being organized in NY State for Friday, May 9th.

*Just a reminder - none of the scheduled hearings for these bills are open for public comment.  This rally will be a valuable opportunity to make a public objection and possibly get some media attention!
All FOUR Bills that the NY Senate Health Cmte will be hearing on Tuesday (05.06.14) are up for comment here:

SB 7027A (labeling and packaging requirements for e-liquid)

SB 6939 (ban on sale of e-liquid)

SB 6562 (ban on e-cigarette use wherever smoking is prohibited)

SB 7139 (registration of vendors of electronic cigarettes).
- Although there doesn’t seem to be anything terribly objectionable about having vendors register w/ the state as tobacco retailers, the justification for this bill is poorly written and could benefit from perspective.  CASAA is “Neutral” on this bill so, commenting should be at your leisure :)
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