Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tuesday, 04.29.14 - Fight for Your Right to #Vape - Daily Action Plan

Help #CASAA Help You Keep #SmokeFree Alternatives Available!
#TellYourFriends - http://spredd.it/cU14pg4c
Help protect the future of #ECigarettes!  Donate to #SFATA - http://sfata.org/
Tell Your Friends: http://spredd.it/2f7c2ada
Visit the American #Vaping Association at http://vaping.info/
Donate, Tell Your Story, and…
Tell Your Friends: http://spredd.it/z7ibsLY7
Fight the #NYC Indoor VapeBan!
Tell Your Friends: http://spredd.it/H5oea9Pe
Let’s round out the members on the #California GO Cmte and express opposition to AB1500.  Also, an event is being organized in advance of the hearing on the 30th (follow the link for details)
Steal This Tweet (and guide it toward someone in local/national media)! :

- #FDA regulation of #ecigarettes: huge costs, little or no benefit. via CASAA - http://bit.ly/1pHUmC1

Follow @FightToVape on Twitter: https://twitter.com/FightToVape

Get the Daily Action Plan Delivered to your InBox: http://fightovape.blogspot.com/

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Tweet Out the Plan Here: - http://spredd.it/qlprYbN3

Thank You!

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