Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday, 04.21.14 - Fight for Your Right to #Vape - Daily Action Plan

Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend (if it was, in fact, a holiday weekend for you).  Let’s send another round to members of the #California Government and Organization Cmte.
Also, let’s take a second to promote some perspective from last week.

“E-Cigarette Restrictions 'For The Children' Could Be Deadly For Adults”

“There's Still No Conclusive Science Behind the Idea That E-Cigarettes Are Dangerous”

“NIC FIT: Puffing through the great 'vape' debate over electronic cigarettes”

UCSF Redefines Youth Smoking; Journal’s Peer-Review Fails

There are TWO All Out sales bans that deserve attention.
- The First comes from Western Australia (WA - not to be confused with Washington State) where a court has ruled that #ECigs are covered by a vague law intended to prohibit the sale of “candy cigarettes”.  There is a legal fund that is seeking donations.  You can find it here: and you can spread the word here: .

- The Second ban comes from Watauga, TX (  The city has placed a moratorium on new vape shops as well as providing a 2 year expiration date for existing ones.  Simply put, No New Vape Shops in Watauga and existing shops must shut their doors in 2 years.

Local Alert! Watauga, Texas has Banned Sale of E-Cigarettes.

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(p.s. Florida HB169 does not expressly ban online sales of ECigs.  At best third party age verification would be required and, from the sounds of it, vendors should be taking steps to implement this policy on their own - .)

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