Thursday, June 22, 2017

Thursday, 06.22.17 - Fight for Your Right to Vape Daily Action Plan (No Flavor Ban)

Fight for Your Right to Vape - Daily Action Plan - 06.22.17

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is moving toward making a flavor ban official. It’s really just a matter of process at this point as no further public comment will be heard on the ordinance. Passage of the bill is expected to occur next Tuesday, June 27 at the regularly scheduled board meeting.

Such an EXTREME anti-vaping law cannot go unanswered!

We need to respond and it has to be loud!

Let’s send some tweets to SF Supervisors and tell them just how important flavors are to quitting smoking and staying smoke-free!
(Feel free to delete the preloaded message and type your own. Just keep it polite and positive.)

You should also send an email to the full council. CASAA’s Call to Action will connect you.

If you’re interested in emails and phone numbers for the full council and their staff, here’s a spreadsheet with everything you need.

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