Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday, 09.18.14 - Fight for Your Right to #Vape - Daily Action Plan

It’s #WorldVapingDay -

Earlier this year (or maybe late last year), It was made clear that was deleting quit stories from vapers.  It seems that unless your quit success is attributable to FDA approved cessation methods (or perhaps even home remedies), your success doesn’t matter.  Let’s take a moment to tell @Smokefreegov how #vaping has helped us #QuitSmoking.

They also have a FB page:
And here’s their Twitter:

h/t to Nacht Noir (VM) and others for bringing back the idea :)
#Michigan #vapers, please take a moment to send an email to your lawmakers telling them that any additional taxes on #ecigs would be counter to public health goals:

...and remember, #TellYourFriends!

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